CREATe Leading Practices for Trade Secret Protection

Trade secrets – confidential business and technical information – are a company’s crown jewels. Are your trade secrets safe from theft or misuse?

CREATe Leading Practices for Trade Secret Protection is a service helping companies prevent the theft and misappropriation of business critical information. The three-step service offers a practical way to assess and then improve your own internal business processes – or that of your supply chain and business partners – for trade secret protection.

A practical and comprehensive way to put processes in place to protect trade secrets and other confidential information.

Based on best practices from global companies and experts in intellectual property and trade secret protection.

Scalable to organizations of all sizes; tailored to specific requirements and needs. An eLearning course – Protecting Trade Secrets – is also available.

How it Works

CREATe Leading Practices for Trade Secret Protection builds on existing your business processes. Here is the three-step process:

1. Online Self-Assessment

The first step is to measure existing business processes for protecting trade secrets. This online, 60- to 90-minute self-assessment evaluates the maturity of your company’s – or your business partner’s – current business processes for trade secret protection in eight categories. Upon completion, you will receive scores in each category and a composite score. This gives you an immediate picture of the strengths and weaknesses of your program.

2. Expert Evaluation

In this step, you gain valuable insights from a CREATe expert in a discussion about the self-assessment and documents related to your business processes for trade secret protection. You will have an opportunity to ask questions, elaborate on your current practices, and discuss ways to make improvements. After the independent evaluation, the CREATe expert gives you a second set of scores and provides an expert analysis based on the evaluation. The CREATe expert also delivers a benchmark report comparing your scores to the blinded, aggregated scores of other companies that have also taken the CREATe Leading Practices for Trade Secret Protection self-assessment and independent evaluation. To help guide future improvements, you receive a summary report with specific, actionable recommendations and suggested priorities for improvement.

3. Improvement Project and e-Learning

To help your company put a program in place, CREATe provides you with resources and guidance to improve your program. You will receive checklists, sample trade secret policies, an overview of recommended procedures and other practices to help protect your business critical information. Additionally, you will gain access to CREATe’s e-Learning course: Protecting Trade Secrets.

What Our Clients Are Saying

“The CREATe Leading Practices program provides an outside perspective and introduced us to global best practices for IP protection. The report and Guide have been very helpful in showing us how to take steps to improve our IP protection program.”


“The summary report was very helpful for identifying top priorities for areas requiring attention to improve IP protection. For our company, training was identified as a high priority. As a result, we are providing more extensive training to all business units for better IP protection.”


“CREATe Leading Practices complements our approach and can be built onto our existing management system to better protect our trade secrets and other intellectual property.”


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