Advisory Services

Whether you are just starting out or need to ensure business partners are taking adequate measures to prevent corruption, promote effective cybersecurity and protect trade secrets and intellectual property, CREATe Compliance experts can help.

The team of CREATe experts has deep global experience in anti-corruption, cybersecurity and intellectual property and trade secret protection. We’ll work with you to define and complete practical improvements, efficiently and cost-effectively. We offer a range of services tailored to your needs:

Interested in advisory services?

Embedding Controls

For companies looking to address anti-corruption, cybersecurity or IP and trade secret protection, CREATe can provide guidance and help you decide where to prioritize – depending upon your unique requirements.

Implementation Assistance

CREATe experts can provide step-by-step recommendations for enhancing and implementing your policies and procedures, compliance teams, risk assessment, training and monitoring.

Third Party Engagement

Through CREATe Leading Practices, you can better ensure that your third parties have the capabilities to manage risks and abide by contractual provisions.

Workshops, Classroom or Online Training

CREATe experts conduct on-site workshops, virtual webinars, eLearning or classroom training to educate senior management, employees, supply chain or business partners on a practical approach to corruption prevention, cybersecurity, or trade secret and IP protection.

Sessions can cover topics such as:

  • Implementing policies, procedures and record-keeping
  • IP, trade secret, cybersecurity and corruption risk assessments
  • Managing IP and trade secret protection in the supply chain
  • Implementing systems for security and confidentiality management
  • Integrating IP and trade secret protection, cybersecurity and anti-corruption into internal or supply chain compliance programs
  • Training and capacity building for compliance teams
  • Aligning monitoring and measurement systems with key performance indicators