About CREATe Compliance

CREATe Compliance works with enterprises to better manage internal and third party global risk by making leading practices in anti-corruption, cybersecurity, trade secret and intellectual property (IP) protection practical, actionable and achievable.

What We Do

CREATe Compliance helps companies to embed a cycle of monitoring, measurement and improvement to build and strengthen effective compliance and risk management programs through its CREATe Leading Practices services:

  • CREATe Leading Practices for Anti-Corruption
  • CREATe Leading Practices for Cybersecurity
  • CREATe Leading Practices for Trade Secret Protection
  • CREATe Leading Practices for IP Protection

This consistent ‘measure and improve’ approach across key risk areas enables benchmarking and sharing across the global supply chain.

The CREATe Leading Practices services are available in a range of languages including English, Chinese, Japanese, Portuguese and Spanish.

The CREATe Leading Practices services were developed to foster shared learning and resources that are cost-effective, scalable and used broadly across sectors and geographies.

Our Expertise

The CREATe team is made up of experts on anti-corruption, cybersecurity, trade secret or IP protection, supply chains, compliance and management systems. Members of our team have been involved in drafting international standards; managed an industry group focused on cybersecurity; directed programs to improve global supply chain integrity for leading brands; designed and deployed IP protection programs around the world; and spearheaded anti-corruption initiatives in the private sector as well as in concert with national governments and international institutions.